Video editing is an increasingly popular practice because many of the elements necessary to make them are increasingly accessible:


Registration: Nowadays, a camera can be acquired that integrates automated functions that facilitate some technical configurations such as focus, diaphragm, compensations under poor lighting conditions and even stability.


Storage: The storage capacity is practically equal, they are ultra-portable and that gives them efficiency. These also eliminate the necessary traction mechanisms for the operation of the cassettes (and therefore, the cameras require less maintenance), they operate in extreme climatic conditions and above all, they can be reused.



Edition: Some years ago, computers used for video production singapore had to have special hardware and software configurations. Currently, good products can be made with all kinds of computers without having to alter their factory state too much. 4 to 8 GB of process memory is enough for practically any dedicated editing software to run well and current graphics cards have evolved enormously due to the accelerated demand for graphic content on the Internet. If you are interested in having the option to also work with analogue material or use several formats, you should consider the possibility of acquiring an internal / external capture card. There is a wide variety of cards and manufacturers in the market that will surely fit the budget and demand of your workflow.


Post production: Graphics in motion, music, embedding processes and even three-dimensional simulations can be performed on practically any modern computer and the learning process for these arts is available at a click of your screen in numerous sites dedicated to online training of all kinds of programs.


Distribution: Although the technology for recording blu-ray is still restricted to professionals, anyone can finish their final product on a DVD with maximum quality, ready to be duplicated and distributed. The unlimited reach of the WWW has radically changed the distribution processes and a digital audiovisual file can be sent, hosted and displayed on hundreds of platforms with a minimum demand for bandwidth.



From amateur to professional: The difference between the video production Singapore that you can share with your family members to a quality product with which you can compete, exhibit as an artistic expression or trade as a profit source, lies mainly in your knowledge about the techniques and characteristics of audiovisual language that put into practice with your powerful creativity, will make the difference.