The corporate video is one of the protagonists of the sales strategies of any self-respecting organization.

The corporate video is that old friend that never fails. He has been with us for decades and has known how to evolve and reinvent himself over the years. In fact, it has adapted so well that it has managed to be one of the protagonists of the sales strategies of any self-respecting organization.

Within video marketing, the corporate video stands out as a very effective tool, expressly designed to perfectly reflect the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat the client wants to highlight in their company, either to highlight only some specific themes or to reflect the global concept of the company.

Videos of classic narrative, of interviews, in motion graphics, made with the scribing video technique … The flexibility of formats and the possibility of combining them grant a great capacity to create a narrative that makes a difference.

The process of creating a corporate video goes through different phases that the client must always have clear to optimize time and resources:

Embody the idea:

It is one of the most important phases. Here we will make clear what is going to be told, how we are going to do it and what resources we are going to use to be able to successfully develop the idea and translate it into a script. In this phase, the communication between the creative team and the client is fundamental.

Pre Production:

Using the script as a base, the video production company singapore team creates a production plan to follow to optimize the material and personal resources that are necessary to carry out the project.


In this stage, all the staff carry out their tasks so that the recording of the corporate video is carried out in an orderly and fluid manner with the goal of reaching the objective marked in the script. The content management and video production company singapore management will take care of it.

With all the classified recording material and script in hand, it is time to shape the audiovisual product. Here the video will be edited, the moving images will be generated that have not been recorded and will be integrated and the first version of the video will be musicalized, sound and colorized.

Review and delivery:

In this stage the first version of the video will be evaluated by the client and the changes that are opportune will be made. Once the video has been modified, the delivery is made to the client and its publication is passed.

Having a team of highly specialized professionals is vital for the corporate video to be a success. The team of Live! is composed of directors, producers, screenwriters, filmmakers, art directors, directors of photography, video editors, colorists … a team that always meets the needs of the project to give the highest quality to it.