corporate video production generate engagement and help build good internal and external image for companies

A video that presents the company, shows its operation, its team and its way of working and producing is not new in the audiovisual market. For at least 80 years, companies around the world have corporate video production to promote their brands and ideas, with good success stories in various sectors of the economy.

However, with the advent of the internet, social networks and platforms for online audiovisual dissemination, corporate videos gain even more expressiveness and power. In this article you will learn the importance of this type of audiovisual product for a company and the reason why every brand should invest in producing a good corporate video production to foster a good relationship with partners, employees, suppliers and customers.


Corporate Videos Engage Engagement

With the popularization of social networks, which govern much of human relations these days, corporate videos gain new configuration. Producing a corporate video production designed for social networks is a way to generate organic engagement on the part of the users and to make the own public disclose the material of his mark or company to many more people without cost.

With a well-crafted video with innovative ideas and popular appeal, the number of hits and views will certainly be significant and encourage good reactions to the company.


Videos are extremely affordable

Nowadays, almost everyone has a cell phone or some electronic device that plays videos. In this way, a corporate video production acquires far more reach potential. But that’s not all that makes video a good platform for spreading your corporate information, but rather the very characteristics of the medium.

Texts are not necessarily inaccessible, but it can not be denied that it is much easier to open a video and watch it until the end than to access a text and read up to the last line. Watching videos means a passive attitude: just relax and look at the screen, without the need for great attention to small and cold letters.

Video is presented as a much more humanized way for your company to communicate with all people it relates to, whether internally (partners and employees) or externally (suppliers, consumer public and civil society).


SEO and external links

By publicizing a corporate video of your company, there is a great chance that your brand will raise a considerable number of positions in the search engines of the internet, by the very demand of the public to consume more audiovisual products than textual ones.

Linking video with SEO techniques and external links is a good way to ensure even more access to your brand content and ensure a good public image for your company.


Authority and trust for your brand

They say that pictures speak more than a thousand words. In fact, by producing a video that describes ways to produce and work your company’s routines, it becomes much more effective than a descriptive text for this very purpose.

Prefer to associate corporate videos with short and clear texts to ensure more access, engagement and good acceptance of brand content on the internet and other media.