More and more often, I speak to couples who, in addition to their photographer, also want to choose a videographer for their wedding. This special day flies by, but you can look back and share your wedding photographs and film with your loved ones countless times!

However, I often notice from photographers that they once again encountered a dragon from a Wedding Videography Service Singapore, or from married couples that they were not really happy with their video or aftercare. So it is really important to go through a research process as you do with your photographer.

Here are 5 tips to find your ideal videographer:

  1. Do you want a videographer?

Okay, this sounds a bit crazy, of course, since I’m a videographer and I want you to be my videographer. But what belongs, and what is popular, does not have to be exactly what your wedding looks like!

But why would you want a videographer?

  1. A picture says more than a thousand words. Can you imagine how many 3 minutes of photos say. That’s more than 4.5 million words!
  2. That one joke of your father, the speech of your witness or the first time you see each other, you really capture that on the film.
  3. Is there anyone who can not be there? Or do you want to take your evening guests on the most beautiful day of your life? Let them enjoy through.

2.Choose style

Go on research: which videos do you like? Get inspired in Facebook groups about getting married, research Instagram and watch the films of your married friends. The biggest difference between wedding videography service Singapore is the ‘registration’ style and the ‘cinematic’ style. Registrations often fall below € 1000, while the cinematic style costs more towards the € 2000 and higher. Incidentally, those prices are guidelines. There are also starters who film cinematically for less than € 1000.

Registration is suitable for you when you simply look for someone who captures the special moments as they are and makes a chronological montage of them. The cinematic videographer approaches your wedding as a story, with about 30 hours spent on editing your film. More time is spent on the audio and the colors of the film.

Documentary or cinematic?

A good videographer (regardless of style) knows what style he / she has and how that fits in with the way they approach your wedding. The biggest differences are documentary and cinematic. Documentary style videos are “more natural”, there is no directing. The original audio is mainly used and the final film is linear to your day. Cinematic looks more like a trailer of a feature film. The videographer uses the highlights of your day to tell a story. There is more directed to get the perfect shot. Many wedding videography service Singapore use a mix of these styles, including me.

Determine for yourself what you think is important: do not you think it is sometimes very important to be sent for the perfect shot? Or do you want a simple registration of your highlights?

  1. The price

It is important not to be involved with the price in the first part of your research phase. You think of course: yes, you have easy talk, you just want to make money, but we have a budget!

Fortunately that is no problem. In every price range you can find a videographer with your style, but you still have to be happy with your movie years later! Do not pay attention to hypes such as drones, but to the quality of the image: is the slow motion stupid? Then the videographer does not have the right equipment to film slow motion. Think about whether you want to.

  1. Meet your videographer

Time to meet your videographer! After doing your research, about 3 wedding videography service Singapore should have come out. 1 just above your price range and 2 within your budget, of which 1 is lower than your maximum budget. Before you go there, read their terms and conditions carefully so that you know what you want to know about them. Some of the most important questions you want to ask the videographers are:

– Which packages do they have?

– With how many videographers do they come?

– Is the person you are speaking also the videographer of your day?

– How long is the videographer? What if the day ends?

– How is their collaboration with the photographer of the day?

– Are there any other costs that are not included in the package price?

– What about the music?

– What kind of camera are they filming with? Do they need extra light at the party night?

– When do you have to pay?

– When will the film be delivered?

Your ideal answers

Of course you have also thought about your ideal answers after reading these questions. Discuss this with the videographer. Possibly more is possible than he / she lets know in the first instance. Otherwise, the videographer can explain to you why something is or is not being done. Also show your dream videos and watch how the videographer reacts. Do not forget to share your choice in a photographer if you already have one!

  1. Compare

Now that all three videographers have spoken, you can see what you get for what amount. Now you can determine whether that is worth it. We too understand that marrying is an expensive affair, but you do not want to cut down on something as important as photography or film. I always say: better not a videographer and a more expensive (better!) Photographer, than two bad, and only disappointing images of your day!

 Choosing a wedding videographer can be a big challenge. Especially with the large amount of styles, options and prices. I hope these tips help you to make a choice that really feels good to you!