Choose between a photographer and a wedding videography service singapore to film the day? Do not have to, just choose both! With moving images you will really experience your wedding day again. Everything and everyone comes into the picture, even that hilarious act of a slightly too fat uncle on (I’m) Sexy And I Know It. Unforgettable!

Relive your wedding with a wedding video
Wedding videos are  hot . And that’s not so strange. You will experience your entire wedding again when you watch the video. They are moving images and they convey more emotion and spontaneity than a photograph. The sound in the film also makes a big contribution here. You hear the speeches again, your own vows perhaps, the hilarious and moving comments in between … You’re there again, in that wedding room!

Never missed
And then we are only talking about the ceremony! There is so much going on at your wedding and maybe you as a bride are just as busy with greeting guests, when something funny happens in the back of the room. Chances are a videographer put that moment on tape. They often work with several cameramen, so they do not miss anything. Royal Rushes and MBrace Films, for example, film with two people and multiple cameras, so they capture all important moments from multiple angles. “We film with cameras where the lenses can be changed, so we can make a nice close up shot with a telephoto lens from a great distance, for example, bride and groom often say that they ‘have not even seen us.’

Wedding film appropriate for photography
The men of  Bruid Beeld even come to your wedding with the three of us. You really do not have to choose them because they offer a unique service: they capture your day in both photo and video. These Rotterdammers are an experienced team that cooperates blindly on your important day. They communicate easily and clearly and assemble the wedding videography service singapore in the same style as photography.

Same day edit
Great advantage of a videographer: the possibility to show the wedding clip in the evening with all the highlights of the day. How nice is that! At that moment you realize all the more about what special day you are experiencing. And it is a gift for the people who were not there during the day.

One Life Film works quietly on a piece to make your perfect wedding film. “The cameraman and editor work very closely together to capture as many special moments as possible.The footage is continuously passed on to the editor, who works behind the scenes on the special end result.In the evening you will see your wedding film on a big screen. in the middle of all your wedding guests, you will also receive the film in a luxurious gift box to take home. “

Lasting memory
wedding videography service singapore keeps the memory of your wedding day alive. Of course, you also occasionally take your wedding album out of the closet, but some moments were the most fun live . That wonderful speech from your best friend, for example, where no one kept it dry, or your slightly fat uncle that was released on I’m Sexy And I Know It. Extra fun to see back on film! The Motions  can respond precisely to your wishes in that respect. “It is your big day and your film, you are the ones who keep watching the film.The choice of music is decisive for the rhythm and tells something about your personality.In addition, color correction, sound editing and mixing, the use of good and professional equipment and of course good wedding videography service singapore ( photography) are essential and play a major role. We stop for hours to get the desired result. “

Trouw Clip is a gift for the absentees
That we now share everything on social media is no longer news, you want to show everyone that you had a  blast ! With a wedding video, the people who could not be at the wedding are a bit of a match. For example, your friends from abroad or any sick loved ones have an impression of how it went at your wedding.

A nice memory in slow motion
How beautiful is it to see the highlights of your day in slow motion? Then you can enjoy an extra long time! Royal Rushes shows that you can have a beautiful video made with nice effects. Curious?

Unique story
Every bride and groom has their own story and you must also tell this in the wedding clip. With some tips & tricks from the videographer and your own favorite music, it becomes a very personal and special video. A good videographer knows exactly how to make a unique and emotional wedding clip for every wedding couple.

Invisible videographer
A good videographer does not walk all day with his camera in front of you. You do not have to pose but can just do your thing, he does his job. If all goes well, you will not even realize that he is there and you can fully enjoy yourself and enjoy your wedding. Your father can also leave his handycam at home and just be a good father. He can leave the filming of unforgettable shots to the professionals. Is better for everyone! 😉