How to become a hero of a beautiful film about your own wedding. Do you know what distinguishes a video from a video of the wedding? Number of takes. If you have an opportunity to shoot unsuccessful scenes while shooting a film, then the wedding operator does not have such an opportunity. Moreover, even to rehearse the most important and memorable moments really will not work!

But all the newlyweds want the wedding film to be a masterpiece, is not it?

The features of Wedding Videography Singapore shooting directly depend on locations.

Shooting in the house of the bride

Ideal conditions for shooting the morning of the bride is a spacious bright room with modern renovation, a large window and a high ceiling. Of course, nothing superfluous in the frame should not be. If your apartment is only remotely suitable for photography, it is better to do a photo session in a hotel room or in a rented apartment.

Redemption and walk

Ransom is better to shoot on the street. Close corridors and staircases are not suitable for such a survey.

When organizing a walk, you should discuss with the photographer and the operator in advance the places that you plan to visit. It is best to rehearse a couple of the most important scenes; the rest can be shot “live”. If there are guests on a walk with the newlyweds, then it is better to shoot from two cameras.

Visiting ceremony or shooting in the registry office

If you choose an exit ceremony, this is a beautiful sight in itself, and shooting from two cameras will make it even more versatile. In the registry office, as a rule, only one operator is allowed. It is important that he has the opportunity to move around freely and record from different angles.

Very nice looks two-camera shooting visiting ceremony. The outgoing ceremony itself is a beautiful spectacle in itself, and two-camera shooting allows you to capture the emotions of young, parents and guests, while you can take different plans at the same time.

Wedding banquet

According to the wedding videography singapore, it is better if the first dance of the newlyweds will dance alone. To do this, you need to discuss this with the toastmaster in advance, so as not to invite guests in the middle of the dance, as it often happens. And the main thing is light! It is necessary to ask the facilitator not to switch off the overall light. Of course, the wedding videography singapore has both a camera light and a studio light, but due to lighting changes, there may be funny things.

Tips to the brides

  1. Take the trouble to hire a wedding make-up artist. A specialist will never impose a mother-of-pearl mother-of-pearl on eyelids and powder with reflective particles.
  2. Before the wedding you need to get used to the dress. Walk around it in a room to feel free and do not pull the tail of the train.
  3. Take with you to the celebration of change shoes, if the wedding – on high heels.
  4. All the worries concerning the organization of the wedding, hand over to the wedding organizer. On this day, you do not have to worry about the ribbons on the car.
  5. DO NOT look at the camera. An exception is if you are asked to do so by a photographer or an operator.

According to Oleg, the best thing for a newly-married couple at a wedding is to imagine that there is simply no videographer and photographer. And all these people that revolve around you, just kind angels who want to make your day the most memorable.