With the advancement of digital technologies, wedding videos have become a major market for action. What used to be almost homemade has now turned into real productions, some worthy of cinema!

The Wedding Videography Singapore today has become very specialized in the area of ​​weddings and sought different looks and more creative productions. There are several types of wedding videos today. In Brazil, cinematographic wedding videos are gaining space, and there are several types you can choose. Do you want to meet some of them?

Love story

In this type of filming, the couple tells their love story in their own words. It can be very exciting, since you remember how they met, how was the engagement request and comment on the emotions of the approaching marriage. Wedding videography singapore is usually produced before the wedding and you can choose to display it or not at the reception / party.

Wedding Trailer

The wedding trailer is the most sought after at the moment. It has short duration and accompanies the grooms in preparation for ceremony, as well as during the celebration and reception. Special moments and even poses recorded before or after the wedding can also be recorded.

These videos usually last three to five minutes and show the best moments of your wedding day. The professional in this case needs to have sensitivity to understand the energy of the moment, so that the wedding videography singapore has the personality of the couple, without many lines and convey the emotion of the event. It can be shared more easily among all friends and family.

Engagement Video

Engagement is usually a time when few couples remember to register. So, thinking about it came the idea of ​​hiring a professional who started documenting the wedding since the engagement. The engagement video looks a little like the next type of video.

Save the Date

The famous Save the Date that has turned fever in weddings is actually a kind of wedding invitation in the form of video. This creative way of announcing the date and inviting people can also be done in photography, but the video is often more interesting.

In this short video, which can be sent to friends and family and also posted on the bride and groom’s website, announces the wedding and the date it will happen, and productions are usually done outdoors, for example, and in creative ways .

Same Day Edit

This is another video that is on the rise and very interesting! Professionals who work with this technique of wedding videos film the preparation and ceremony and edit the images just during the reception.

That way, at the end of the party everyone already check the video ready, with the most remarkable moments. You only have to be careful because you have to hire competent professionals, since editing must be done quickly and well.

Trash the Dress

Another trend in videos, which began in photography, is the filming made after the wedding. In this video, the bride and groom get ready again, as in the big day, but without the anxiety and pressure to be alright.

With the quietest bride and groom, in a special place, the photos and filming are done so that the bride can abuse more of the moment. Some rehearsals are done in the field, on the beach, wetting the dress, sitting on the floor, swimming together, among other possibilities. It’s very different!

Weddings today have a very wide variety of memorabilia, and wedding videos are increasingly creative and cinematic. Choose which style of video has more to do with you hire a good audiovisual professional.