In times of social media, we know that content is king, who sells. Therefore, as the consumer becomes more sophisticated and selective, it is not enough to generate content but it is necessary to provide added value.

It’s not just about getting a thousand followers but having a thousand followers interested in your content. And since what cannot be measured cannot be improved, we must know what the best performing content is according to our audience.

Once the road is traced, we will have the indicators to be able to establish results based on what we want to achieve. At Media Live Event Streaming Singapore we know the importance of achieving good performance, so we present the most important metrics to measure the success of live event streaming singapore.

# Views (views or plays)

It is the number of visits that the transmission had. This metric allows you to know what your total universe of plays is achieved throughout the live event streaming singapore. With this figure you have the basis to break down the following data. You will have many visits, but not all will stay, so your strategy is essential to keep the public.

# Unique users (unique users)

Live event streaming singapore refers to the number of unique people who accessed the broadcast. It is posted through a cookie in the user’s browser, so if it has been connected more than once, it will be counted only as 1 user, but if it is connected from Chrome and Safari it will be counted as 2 users (in Generally, few people do this). This metric allows you to measure how many individual users consumed your live event streaming singapore, regardless of whether they abandoned or re-entered in the middle of the transmission.

# Peak of concurrency

Corresponds to the climax of the content, the moment that managed to have more visualizations or plays during the transmission. This metric allows to have a vision of the moment that most interest’s consumers within the timeline in which an live event streaming singapore takes place. Analyzing that peak also allows you to identify the profile of the public segment you are reaching and compare it with other key transmission points.

# Play time

This is the number of minutes / seconds that users were consuming your live content. They are usually separated into sections, in order to establish an average by time segments. This type of metric is useful to know how interesting your content is for the audience you are reaching or trying to reach. The greater the reproduction time, the more interested the public is.

# Interaction level (engagement)

It alludes to the number of times your content was shared, thus getting traffic from other Internet points. This type of metric is very useful because it diagnoses how interesting your content is vs. audience reach achieved, obtaining information regarding the way your audience communicates with your live event streaming singapore.

To establish what your metrics will be and what aspects of the transmission you are going to measure, remember to always have the objective defined. Numbers are the key but knowing how to cross them to read the results well is even more important.