Videos attract more users for longer, say polls. Check out the 10 tips of who knows how to work with Video Production Singapore.

Everyone likes to watch a good video and more and more the internet has been used to spread this media so useful, both for users in search of information and entertainment, and for companies that want to promote products and services. But how do you produce quality videos for the web?

This is a detail that many entrepreneurs and marketing managers forget: you have to excel in quality and know how to produce a video that really appeals to your audience and attracts your attention.

Every detail is important and it is not enough just to be attentive to the aesthetic beauty of the images and the creation of good content for the users.

That’s why we have separated you a series of video production singapore tips that can make a big difference in the results of your email marketing campaigns, on display on blogs or on web sites, and even events and tradeshows.

Check out the best practices in the market and know how to do video production singapore that will really work for your company.

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Take your video production singapore to the top 10 with these 10 tips

10 Tips for Making Amazing Videos for the Internet

For each tip, a result that will greatly help to spread your message!

  1. Time makes a difference

A survey on video production singapore attention retention was done. They were presented 2 videos for a group of people, these videos were practically identical, the only difference being that one of them had 10 seconds of duration more than the other one. Do you know the result of this? On average, the shortest video had the audience’s attention for 72% of its display, while the other was seen for only 50% of its duration.

  1. Less is more

The truth is that the production of videos cannot create very long content. Short videos are best suited to hold attention to the end. The messages should be objective, going straight to the point of forming didactic so that the public can absorb them with ease.

  1. Interest decreases over time

As the video production singapore runs its audience gradually falls. This is because anyone watching the video starts to get tired, distractions appear or the person comes to the conclusion that that content is not in their interest. The secret is to get started with the most important messages and information, only then go into the details.

  1. Always new features

Do not be repetitive: always present something new and useful to the audience throughout the video production singapore and in an objective way, otherwise the audience will abandon you, disinterested in what is being displayed.

  1. People like people

People like to see other people and their stories, identify with and care about them. It is important to move a more human context with messages of personal experiences.

  1. Start with a “bait”

Enjoy the first 10 seconds of the video production singapore to present a curious fact or information that will be completed at the time of the screening, trapping the viewers’ attention in a creative way until this end.

  1. Emotion is key

Laughing, loving, fearing, and even being angry or envious are human emotions that draw people in some way. Most video production singapore that are successful employ some of these reactions of our spirit, especially laughter, commotion or a fact that surprises the public.

  1. Likes and Shares

There is no way to produce a video without using the enormous power of social media. People love to share videos on social networks and, best of all, referencing a friend is often highly respected by other members of the media, further multiplying likes and shares!

  1. Call for Action!

The famous CTA, or Call to Action, is the goal of your video: to bring Internet users to your site, e-commerce or other similar actions, such as downloading an e-book, giving a “like” or filling out a registration. So choose well the action you want to promote and build the content of your video around it, so that it really takes effect and brings the result you seek.

  1. More information and more complete

As you have seen, video production singapore should not generate long content. To get more detailed information, it is best to include a link to your website or blog where a page with everything your customer needs to know will be at his disposal.


The production of videos requires a lot of care

Video production singapore produces video for your customers is an excellent content strategy. But what about video and motivational movies for your team, have you thought about it? It is a simple and easy to perform practice, check out more details in this post: 8 motivational videos that will give an UP in your team

In addition to these 10 tips on how to produce a video that draws attention to your target audience, other information you should take into account is something that psychology has discovered about human behavior: people keep their attention on something in general for 20 minutes, after which they begin to disperse. But in the case of online videos the case is even more acute: in 60 seconds the netizens are already thinking about other things and their attention to the video is gone.

This only reinforces the main points of all these tips on how to produce a video:

It should be short

Present news all the time

Pass the main message and a “bait” within the first 10 seconds.