The best thing that can happen is to find a simple tool that allows you to produce more in less time. The video editor of Video is created to simplify the work of digital animation, even more so if you plan (or were commissioned) to make a series of corporate videos, designed to develop a brand strategy or product promotion.


If you already took the initiative to start creating your videos, here are 5 essential tips to save time and enjoy the editing.

  1. Plan your videos

Before making a video, you should know how many videos you will need for your business and distribute them in a timeline. Organizing you will help you understand how many pieces you need to perform exactly, either to spread on social networks or on your website.


A good start is to ask yourself what you need. An explanatory video , a product video , a tutorial , a video to get user records, a very simple video with your logo? Or do you need to do all of them?


If you plan to make more than one video, create an orderly work plan. Begin by writing a summary about what you want to tell in each of them. Then, choose the first video you will make and make a draft of the script. Think of scenes, what you do or have to convey to understand your product or service. Then, look for all the images you plan to include in the video. Once you have gathered them, the video editing will be much more agile and focused.


If you have resolved to make between 3 and 5 videos, you will lose less time if you make them in order, one after the other, as if you were putting together a series. Why? It will allow you to advance one at a time, measure results and evaluate the progression of your videos.


Extra Tip: Create a variety of videos that contemplate different aspects of your brand. Do not forget anything, but do not repeat yourself either.


  1. Clone what you want

When you plan to make several videos, the Video editor offers you some shortcuts to save time when animating . In this sense, the “Clone” tool will be your main ally.

In addition to cloning elements within a video (such as objects and texts), you can clone scenes and even a whole video that you can then cut, adapt and use for other purposes. How to do it? Go to “My Videos” in the tab of your Profile, and you’ll see your collection of videos. Choose the one you want and click on “Clone”, as seen below.


When you return to the “My Videos” page, you will see the newly copied video at the top of your list. Thus, you will save a lot of time because you can use an intro or a closing without having to create them again. You can also reuse the linkable buttons and logos, adapting them to a new animation. You can shorten your video, you can add additional information, or just change the music or audio. Whatever you do, the “Clone” tool allows you to easily create a series of videos.


This resource of the video editor of Video , essential to save time, will be essential to create brand consistency: the same introduction, the same colors and fonts will make users identify your brand at a glance.


  1. Take advantage of video templates

In Video we have a gallery of templates with a clear and functional design, which can be applied to very different purposes. All of them are at your disposal and are very easy to adapt, which simplifies and accelerates the editing task. You just have to choose the template that suits your needs, click on “Edit” and replace the images when you consider it necessary.


Extra tip: Within the video editor, you can use our ” Scenes Templates “, located in the right sidebar. With just clicking the blue “Add” button, you can reuse them to build scenes quickly, without losing creativity in your video.


  1. Send your video easily for feedback

Before finishing your videos, someone may want to review them and give you feedback, be it a client, your boss or a co-worker. Instead of downloading the video from the editor and uploading it to YouTube, simply copy a link and send it. You only have to “copy and paste” the url of your video in a message or in an email, and anyone can see it online.


Imagine all the time you save with this feature. You can find the links of your videos on your “My videos” page or, within the editor, by clicking on the “Share” option.


  1. Add a description to improve

When you finish your videos, you can schedule them for publication. Whether you use your videos for your site, for social networks or to link them in your emails, you can choose how many to circulate and at what times. The benefit is that you save time, but also generate a larger volume of videos.


And if you also want to capture users in an organic way with your video, it is necessary to add a Description and place Labels (as seen below), which includes the most important terms and keywords on the subject of your video. If you offer a service or product, we recommend you include the URL of your site in the description, which will help increase online visibility.