Social video is very popular. One third of all online activities are devoted to watching videos. As a company, putting yourself in it would only be positive for you. Here are already 6 tips for making a good social video:

  1. Choose the right length for your video

Many people quickly scroll through their feeds and do not look at clips when they are too long. For these different platforms, there is a maximum length to respect. For Facebook, it is 120 minutes, Instagram 60 seconds and Twitter is recommended to limit them to 30 seconds.

  1. Get the viewer’s attention directly

Consider the first seconds, which are of paramount importance. Otherwise, your audience will scroll. So, it’s up to you to make sure that people are directly interested, and then continue to watch the video until the end. Unfortunately for advertisers, the option to disable auto play is still available.

  1. Add subtitles

Most people consult social networks while at work, at school, on the bus, in waiting rooms … Watching a video with sound is not always possible. Subtitles are therefore essential to capture the attention of your target. You can edit your video and add your subtitles yourself or upload an SRT file with your video.

But be careful, that does not mean that you have to neglect your soundtrack! Many people also watch videos with sound.

  1. Try a Facebook Live

Stream real-time video directly from your smartphone, and you can directly see how many people are watching. Companies can, for example, ask live questions to their target audience, and communicate directly with anyone who leaves a comment. In addition, your followers receive a notification when you start the live and are encouraged to watch.

Once stopped, your video is still online, and can still be watched. There are a few things you should know when doing a Facebook Live: film in the same direction, make sure that the people who appear in your video are prepared and not too nervous …

  1. Emit emotions

Choose a video that reaches people, that makes it easy to take action, and is not easily forgotten. For your business, it’s especially interesting to make your target audience happy with inspiring and exhilarating content. An impacting message that brings out emotions is the most important. Whatever emotion you choose, use it to get your message across. Pay particular attention to your language, background music, and the font used.

  1. Do not forget the call-to-action

Make the purpose of your video clear and encourage your audience to take action. If you want to sell a product, make sure that the message of your call-to-action goes well, and that it makes you want to click. You want likes , shares or comments, do not hesitate to ask them at the end of your video. The copy must show what it is, but must not reveal everything. It is necessary to give to the person who looks, the desire to click.